To make run components, which are created by JACC (< 1.4)  with Joomla 3.x, you will have to make the following changes:

  1. the name of initial components file in the admin can no longer be admin. <component>.php. Rename this file to <component>.php and change the files name in the manifest XML.
  2. The classes JView, JController and JModel are now interface and may therefore no longer be called directly. Change from extend JView , extend JController etc. to extend JViewLegacy, extend JControllerLegacy etc.
  3. The methods JToolBarHelper::deleteListx() and JToolBarHelper::addNewx() no longer exists. Use JToolBarHelper::deleteList() and JToolBarHelper::addNew().
  4. The constant DS for the OS specific directory separator no longer exists. Define it yourself or replace all occurrences of DS by Slashes
  5. All forms within the list views that are generated by JACCin the backend (tmpl/default.php) lacks the E.g. under 3.x this will block the function of the edit buttons.
    You must complete id="adminForm" in the form tag.
  6. Replace all occurences of $ form-> bind ($ item) in the backend view.html.php's methods _displayForm with the following lines:

         if(!version_compare(JVERSION,'3.0','lt')) {
            } else {